A Bohemian Pencil Skirt

I love pencil skirts.  They have this sexy, sophisticated look and show off curves so well.  The problem is that I have very few place to wear one because they do look so…put together?? Yeah, I would stick out at the local Kroger and not the way I want. Plus, let’s face it, not really my style.

Well, ideas started a-brewin when my friend Rhea gave me this skirt…


This skirt is a Target Merona brand, khaki colour that hits a couple inches above the knee.  Not the most flattering length/colour, at least on me.

Then I went to Hancock Fabrics and found this great material…


Two nap times and a couple stitches here, some pins there and…


Bam! New skirt! YAY!

Now, here are a couple pictures of me wearing this thing with some different tops.  I had to go old school and take pictures of myself in a mirror.  Yeah, totally felt like a NJ dude but whatev….don’t laugh!



Ok, I laughed a little and almost took these down but left them up for amusement purposes!  I mean, how many people are really going to see this, right? 🙂