The Cloth Diaper Debate

Seriously, how many cloth diaper cover brands are there out there and $20+ for one?  One could sit and read reviews and research the different types of cloth diaper covers, the cloth diapers, terminology (yeah, there’s a language that goes with it), the detergent to use if you are going to wash your own and still not know what the hell to buy.  I am going to tell you exactly what to buy.

Get the Econobum cloth diaper cover.



It’s $10 or less, it works amazingly well, and is a no brainer to use.  The snaps will adjust the size to meet you baby’s diapering needs.


Now, for the cloth diaper…I bought mine from a cloth diaper service that I had been using until they went out of business.  This sucked and was awesome at the same time because they sold all the different sizes from newborn to largest, the largest costing $1.25 per.   They are a white rectangle prefold diaper. In the picture, the one on the left is the diaper service diaper, the right is by econobum.


The diaper service is the way to go for cloth diapers if it’s available.  If not or if you think it’s too much money for the service ($80 per month or thereabouts), you can wash your own diapers.  I will post my detergent recipe later.  Econobum has cloth diapers they sell with the covers which work just fine.  This site has free shipping and they throw in 3 prefolds with the cover.

It’s where I bought mine:


Don’t cheap out and buy the mesh cloth diapers, they suck.  I used them as burp rags and they are not very good for that either.

Lets be serious here, newborn poop is not all that gross, 6 months later…gag me.  When baby gets to a solid food diet, the poops become more solid as well for the most part.

Generally, I use a disposable (comforts for baby at Kroger is my brand) at night and to try to catch the morning deuce in that!  Night time cloth diapering is tricky, especially before baby is 1 year.  They seem to pee less at night after 1 year.

The cloth is not as absorbent as disposable and thus you will be changing diapers more frequently.  I feel this is a good thing though.  Babies like to be naked, and using disposables on them all day collecting pee et. al until mom does the squish test is kind of gross for poor baby butt area.

There are a few tools you will need on hand to launder your own diapers. 1) a bucket with a lid (ace hardware $5)  2) a wet bag if you leave the house (online ~$10) or just reuse plastic grocery bags, kind of ghetto, but whatev


3) A diaper sprayer (aka shit sprayer).  When people ask, just tell them it’s a bidet, oo la la!


4) Detergent, expensive to buy already made specific for cloth diapers, but inexpensive and so easy to DIY.

Here’s the recipe:

1/2 cup Borax

1/2 cup arm and hammer washing soda

1/4 cup oxiclean


Mix in a pot with a lid and use about 2-4 Tbsp/load, depending on size of load. Wash the diaper covers and the cloth diapers with this detergent on a super size setting. You can machine dry, but everything lasts longer if line dried.

In the wash, I also throw in a 1/4 cup or so of white vinegar along with the detergent; it’s an extra cleaning agent, seems to cut through the smell better, and it just makes me feel better about the whole thing.

Every week or two you will want to wash all the diapers with clorox bleach.  This will take out stains and strip any funkys that may be lingering. Make sure to run the rinse cycle an extra time to rinse all the bleach out.

You’re welcome.