Upcycled Flower Fabric & Collared Shirt

I have a lot of shirts that hang in my closet year after year that are never worn, but I am not willing to give up.  For example, collared shirts.  Good for the workplace, but not really my style.

This one in particular never fit me very well because of my big shoulders.  It was a hand-me-down from my sister-in-law who has an amazing sense of style and gives me the clothes that would have gone to goodwill.  I have recieved lots of great stuff this way!


Well, I had some extra fabric that I made this  infinity scarf out of…


and I had just so happened to come across a blog that I am totally obsessed with called Cotton and Curls (http://www.cottonandcurls.com).  This woman is so talented with all of her sewing and upcycling! She had tutorials for making all kinds of stuff which inspired me to make this…

Image 2Image 1

These two are the front of the blouse…


and this is the back!

Hopefully soon I will have pictures of these clothes being worn!  But right now, Sebastian is not trusted with the camera 🙂