Down Dog!


Downward facing dog…


Baby downward facing dog

Check out the yoga website Damn Good Yoga to read a great description of this pose!


The Holiday Jiggles

Tony Horton is a bit of a douche bag, but P90X is what I need to blast the pecan coffee cake, buttercream icing, peanut butter chocolate balls, and couch lock off my ass.


A few notes upfront: Pull-up bar, uh no way.  Streatchy bands over some ceiling bar thing, negative.  A few push-ups, sure, I can do a few of those.  Here’s the thing, I am not going to follow a diet plan or drink some mystery protein powder chalk crap.  I am also not going to dedicate 90 minuets a day to Mr. Horton.  But a few days a week…

There are a few dvd’s I will actually do with this entire P90x system: Cardio, Kempo, Plyometics, abs, and of course yoga.  (The yoga in P90X kicks a lot of butt.  Don’t be a hater, just try it)


Ha ha! Anyway, today I did the cardio dvd while Sebastian, who is 1, was running around thinking it was hilarious and fun…and actually, it was!  It is pretty hard to do an upward-facing dog into downward dog (yes, in the cardio workout, amazeballs!)  with a baby climbing all over you, but that made it all the more enjoyable.  He had a blast and I did get a pretty awesome workout.  He was exhausted by the middle and went down for a nap, right on!  Just watch where you kick and don’t go as fast as the crazies on your screen if babies are around!



A little yoga inspiration

Everyday or two I receive a newsletter from  I may read one or two of the articles, check out some yoga poses and delete.  I really like some of the substance of these newsletters, some of it gets a little too self-help for me.

Yesterday,  I came across the video link below and was totally inspired to try handstands in my yoga practice.  I have been practicing yoga off and on for about 10 years and inverting has always been the holy grail of poses to me.  It looks so beautiful, graceful, and fun when people who know what they are doing do it.  Then you look around at other students in classes red-faced, wobbley, falling, or just going into child’s pose.  It is so intimidating!  But this video gives me and hopefully you lots of hope.  I have never seen anything quite like it as far as handstands go. Check it out.