Hanging out

Running the dryer takes a lot of energy, which in effect will cost you money.  To run a load of clothes in the dryer costs me about $0.45 per hour.  That really adds up, especially if you are drying all of your cloth diapers.  Cloth diapers take longer to dry than a typical load of clothes, so without even thinking about it, you could tack on an additional 30, 40, 50 minutes after your initial 60 minute dry cycle just by carelessly restarting the dryer. I found the  calculatoin to find the cost per load here: http://frugalliving.about.com/od/clothingcare/qt/How-Much-Does-It-Cost-To-Run-A-Dryer.htm

Save money, energy, and the life of your diapers by hanging them to dry!


Then you will have extra money to spend on


more important things 😛


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