The Holiday Jiggles

Tony Horton is a bit of a douche bag, but P90X is what I need to blast the pecan coffee cake, buttercream icing, peanut butter chocolate balls, and couch lock off my ass.


A few notes upfront: Pull-up bar, uh no way.  Streatchy bands over some ceiling bar thing, negative.  A few push-ups, sure, I can do a few of those.  Here’s the thing, I am not going to follow a diet plan or drink some mystery protein powder chalk crap.  I am also not going to dedicate 90 minuets a day to Mr. Horton.  But a few days a week…

There are a few dvd’s I will actually do with this entire P90x system: Cardio, Kempo, Plyometics, abs, and of course yoga.  (The yoga in P90X kicks a lot of butt.  Don’t be a hater, just try it)


Ha ha! Anyway, today I did the cardio dvd while Sebastian, who is 1, was running around thinking it was hilarious and fun…and actually, it was!  It is pretty hard to do an upward-facing dog into downward dog (yes, in the cardio workout, amazeballs!)  with a baby climbing all over you, but that made it all the more enjoyable.  He had a blast and I did get a pretty awesome workout.  He was exhausted by the middle and went down for a nap, right on!  Just watch where you kick and don’t go as fast as the crazies on your screen if babies are around!




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